Sanremo Unveiled: The Riviera’s Playground

Sanremo, located on the stunning Ligurian Riviera, is a blend of historical charm and modern-day allure. Known for its beautiful gardens, medieval old town, luxurious casino, and its famous music festival, Sanremo offers visitors a unique Italian experience.

Sanremo - Liguria - Italy

Historical Richness and Cultural Vibrance

Sanremo is steeped in history, evident from its ancient medieval quarter, La Pigna, which features narrow alleys and quaint archways leading up to the Sanctuary Madonna della Costa. This sanctuary, not only a religious monument but also a beacon for mariners historically, provides panoramic views over the city and sea​​.

Iconic Attractions

The Russian Orthodox Church and the Casino of Sanremo are must-visit landmarks. The church, built for the Russian community that frequented Sanremo in the past, showcases beautiful Russian icons​​. The casino, opened in 1905, exudes Belle Époque glamour and offers a variety of games, making it a popular spot for visitors seeking entertainment​​.

Leisure and Recreation

Sanremo is renowned for the Pista Ciclabile Area 24, a scenic cycling route that offers breathtaking views along the Riviera dei Fiori. For those who enjoy walking, the Corso dell’Imperatrice provides a picturesque promenade lined with exotic plants and historical references​​.

Festivals and Events

The city is famously known for the annual Sanremo Music Festival, which attracts artists and spectators from around the globe. Additionally, the city celebrates its floral heritage with a flower parade every March, enhancing its nickname as the “City of Flowers“​.

Gastronomic Delights

Sanremo’s cuisine reflects its coastal location with an emphasis on seafood. Local specialties include fresh fish and seafood dishes that can be savored in the many restaurants along Via Matteotti, the vibrant heart of the city’s social life​​.

Best Time to Visit

Sanremo’s mild climate makes it a delightful destination year-round. However, visiting outside the busy summer months can be more pleasant, allowing visitors to enjoy its attractions without the crowds. The spring and autumn are particularly good times to visit, coinciding with cultural events and less crowded beaches​​.


What are some of the top activities in Sanremo? Exploring historical sites, enjoying beach activities, cycling along the Riviera, and trying your luck at the casino are top activities in Sanremo.

How accessible is Sanremo for tourists? Sanremo is well-connected by train and road, with good access to nearby Italian and French Riviera towns.

Where can visitors enjoy local cuisine? Via Matteotti and the surrounding streets offer a plethora of dining options, ranging from upscale restaurants to quaint cafés serving local Ligurian cuisine.

Sanremo combines the charm of its historical past with the vibrancy of modern leisure activities, making it a perfect destination for those seeking both relaxation and cultural enrichment on Italy’s beautiful Ligurian coast.

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