Explore Como: Ultimate Guide to Lombardy’s Scenic Gem

Located at the southern end of Lake Como, the charming city of Como in Lombardy, Italy, is renowned for its stunning natural beauty and rich historical heritage. Whether you’re an architecture enthusiast, a history buff, or simply looking to relax by the lake, Como has something to offer everyone.

Como - Lombardy - Italy

Getting to Como

Como is easily accessible from major Italian cities. From Milan, it takes about an hour by train or car, making it a convenient day trip. There are also bus services from Milan and other cities like Venice and Florence​​.

Top Attractions in Como

Como Cathedral

One of the most significant landmarks in Como is its cathedral, known as the Duomo di Como. This 14th-century Gothic-Renaissance church boasts an impressive facade adorned with statues and intricate carvings. Inside, visitors can admire beautiful tapestries, paintings, and the stunning dome added in the 18th century​​.

Villa Olmo

Built in 1780, Villa Olmo is a neoclassical villa that offers splendid views across the lake. While the villa itself is not open to the public, the surrounding park is perfect for a leisurely stroll and provides scenic views of the harbor and the city​​.

Brunate Funicular

For a panoramic view of Lake Como and the surrounding areas, take the funicular railway to Brunate. The ride up the hillside offers breathtaking vistas and a chance to explore the quaint village of Brunate​​.

Historical Monuments

Explore the medieval streets of Como, which are home to several historical sites. The Church of San Fedele, with its Romanesque carvings, and the 13th-century town hall, or Broletto, are must-visit spots. Don’t miss the Porta Torre, a 12th-century tower that marks the southern entrance to the old town​.

Things to Do in Como

Lake Cruises

A visit to Como isn’t complete without a boat tour of Lake Como. These cruises offer spectacular views of the lake’s picturesque shores and luxurious villas. Many tours also include stops at other charming towns around the lake, such as Bellagio and Varenna​.

Shopping and Dining

Como’s city center is a delightful place to shop and dine. From high-end boutiques to local markets, there’s plenty to explore. Enjoy traditional Lombard cuisine at one of the many restaurants, where you can savor dishes like risotto and polenta​​.


Q: How do I get to Como from Milan? A: You can reach Como by train or car from Milan in about an hour. There are also regular bus services available​​.

Q: What are the must-see attractions in Como? A: Must-see attractions include the Como Cathedral, Villa Olmo, the Brunate Funicular, and various historical monuments such as the Church of San Fedele and Porta Torre​​.

Q: Can I take a boat tour on Lake Como? A: Yes, there are numerous boat tours available that offer scenic views of Lake Como and stop at various towns around the lake​​.

Q: What is the best time to visit Como? A: The best time to visit Como is from late spring to early autumn when the weather is pleasant, and the lake is at its most beautiful.


Como is a captivating destination that combines natural beauty with rich cultural and historical attractions. Whether you’re wandering through its charming streets, exploring historical sites, or cruising on the lake, Como offers a unique and unforgettable experience in the heart of Lombardy, Italy.

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